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Matt Luscious

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'11"

Age:  22

Measurements:  6.1"

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Matt Luscious is a Canadian east coast model who co-founded CreamyBros, and shoots straight scenes as well for WhippedCreamy.

Onlyfans: @creamygorilla

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The CreamyBros Fool Around With Sexy Latino

5 Photos, 14 min of video | 06/24/2022

Both Matt and Rowan met some pretty cool industry spectacles during their adventure in Miami, and they were lucky enough to film a video with Miami’s very own the sexy, tanned and luscious Latino - Evan Peix.

The CreamyBros Share A Big British Sausage

5 Photos, 25 min of video | 06/24/2022

It's always more fun when more dicks are involved! Infact, this is the exact reason why the CreamyBros made it a priority to film a hot video with these 2 sexy guys, full of dick sucking and cumshots before they left Miami.

Fun After The Beach

5 Photos, 15 min of video | 06/01/2022

After a long day of mingling on Miami Beach, it was finally time for the CreamyBros to wind down. What better way to relax after a long day at the beach than with a fellow bro…in bed…and possibly on the couch. Watch the scene to see what these three get up to.

Aiden Jacobs Blows The CreamyBros

6 Photos, 13 min of video | 05/17/2022

What would you do if you were alone in a basement with 2 sexy straight bros? Most likely you would do exactly what Aiden Jacobs did: Worship their big cocks until they cum.

The CreamyBros Blow Aiden Jacobs

5 Photos, 11 min of video | 05/15/2022

Check out the CreamyBros blowjob skills and rate them on a scale of 1 - 10 in the comment section! Remember that: 1) they are straight, and 2) that they have only sucked dick once before.

Service Man Gets Serviced Part 2

19 min of video | 03/22/2022

Matt and his boyfriend Sean have a big jacked service technician over to fix their broken washer. Well Matt does some work, Sean begins to provide his own service to the technician, unaware that Matt is about to come into the bathroom they are next to. Although upset at first, Matt can’t help himself...

Matt’s Luscious Solo

9 min of video | 03/22/2022

Nothing showcases someone's sexyness like a solo video of them masterbating in 4k resolution. This is exactly why we shot our resident creamy bro, Matt Luscious, as he struts what he's got for the camera.

Service Man Gets Serviced Part 1

3 Photos, 11 min of video | 03/08/2022

Matt and his boyfriend Sean have been having problems with their washing machine for over 1 week, so they are very relieved when a big jacked service technician arrives to fix it. As the technician services the washer, Sean begins to provide a service of his own on the hunk of a technician.

gaboy4 (11/20/2021)
You guys launched on my birthday! what a gift. Matt is the G.O.A.T.