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Matt Luscious

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'11"

Age:  22

Measurements:  6.1"

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Matt Luscious is a Canadian east coast model who co-founded CreamyBros, and shoots straight scenes as well for WhippedCreamy.

Onlyfans: @creamygorilla

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Bench Press BJ

6 min of video | 04/09/2024

Matt wanted some pleasure during his workout. Plain and simple. And Kyle was there to provide him with it!

Matt And Kyle Worship Each Others Asses

14 min of video | 03/10/2024

The first video Matt and Kyle filmed after Kyle flew all the way from Cali! They really enjoyed basking in each other's musk!

Wet Boyz

10 min of video | 03/03/2024

2 wet Boyz: one straight and one gay, enjoy each other in the shower.

Creamy Bonus #1 - BTS 1

22 min of video | 02/19/2024

How filming goes down during a collab, stuff you don't see normally!

Muscle Milk 2

9 min of video | 02/09/2024

Nothing gets better than 3 jacked meatheads sucking each others gooses. Come on, join in! ;)

Bathing Gods

14 min of video | 01/24/2024

Matt and Jason are just 2 gods bathing each other. They say the bath is where one cleanses themself, not only of their sins but of their filth. These gods proceeded to do filthy things to each other while simultaneously cleansing themselves.

Shower Gods

8 min of video | 01/13/2024

Jason Vario just arrived at the CreamyBro’s house and he felt really dirty after his flight, so Matt offered to shrub him down in the shower. And they got wet and steamy in more ways than one.

A Distracting Workout

16 min of video | 01/06/2024

2 sexy guys can't help but distract each other during their workout.

gaboy4 (11/20/2021)
You guys launched on my birthday! what a gift. Matt is the G.O.A.T.