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Matt Luscious

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'11"

Age:  22

Measurements:  6.1"

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Matt Luscious is a Canadian east coast model who co-founded CreamyBros, and shoots straight scenes as well for WhippedCreamy.

Onlyfans: @creamygorilla

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Matt And Milo Make Love

21 min of video | 10/07/2022

After Matt and Milo finished a photoshoot, they thought it would be the perfect opportunity to film a hot scene afterwards where they suck each others cocks and cum on eachother.

The Intimate Muscle Worship

5 Photos, 13 min of video | 09/19/2022

The Creamy Bros are good friends with this sexy Italian stallion by the name of Gino Zanetti, who not only is a fun to hangout with but is also fun to hookup with. When we were visiting Tampa this summer we were happy to have him worship our sexy bodies and beautiful cocks in a fun and playful manner....

Matt Luscious Gets Pleasured By A Sexy Couple

16 min of video | 09/11/2022

Jake & Isaac are a beautiful couple who don't mind sharing a muscular hunk like Matt Luscious. His abs and biceps glisten in the sun as the couple shares his cock. Matt enjoys making out and eating their asses in exchange. Matt gets pleasured until he cums!

The Jacked Bucking Bronco

14 min of video | 08/27/2022

John Bronco is a Bronco in human form: muscular, smooth, and incredibly majestic with his chill personality. The creamybros had the pleasure of giving and receiving this beautiful man oral sex and muscle worship, until Matt and Rowan cum big loads on eachother

Hooking Up With A Hot American Couple

14 min of video | 08/16/2022

This hot all American couple treated the CreamyBros RIGHT when they were in Miami. They worshipped the Fuck out the the 2 sexy bros, and they just could not get enough!

3 Straight Bros Talk Shit As They Jerk

18 min of video | 08/05/2022

As you guys may or may not know, us, the CreamyBros, are straight! But anyone of any sexuality could agree that it's always more fun to jerk off with your friends rather than on your own and jerking off alone feels lonely. After filming this hot video, it was safe to say that we love jerking off with...

The CreamyBros Share Their First BBC.

4 Photos, 16 min of video | 07/22/2022

Matt and Rowan were super excited when they were able to schedule a shoot with the handsome Aaron Trainer while they were in Miami, since he is such a busy personal trainer. This fit and handsome man has a big heart, big muscles, and most importantly a big cock that the CreamyBros got to enjoy.

Matt Luscious And Tayler Tash Worship Eachothers Bodies

7 Photos, 20 min of video | 07/21/2022

A guy who has a beautiful body needs to be worshipped. Plain and simple. But not just the usual aspects such as the cock. The feet and muscles need a good licking, too. That's why Matt and Tayler are a perfect match, because they both have beautiful attributes which each of them can worship simultaneously,...

gaboy4 (11/20/2021)
You guys launched on my birthday! what a gift. Matt is the G.O.A.T.