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Matt Luscious

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'11"

Age:  22

Measurements:  6.1"

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Matt Luscious is a Canadian east coast model who co-founded CreamyBros, and shoots straight scenes as well for WhippedCreamy.

Onlyfans: @creamygorilla

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Cock And Cuisine

17 min of video | 01/06/2022

The date for Matt’s wedding is approaching. A gourmet chef comes over to cook up a test meal that might be served at the wedding, for Matt and his best man Dom to try. After a long wait and hundreds of dollars later, the guys couldn't be more upset with the dish that the chef made for them. The chef...

Fun in the Sun

7 Photos, 16 min of video | 12/17/2021

Matt thought he was in for a relaxing sun tanning session, but boy was he wrong. 2 horny guys convince Matt to change into a swimsuit more suitable for tanning, before oiling him up and then directing him to the shower, where things get wet in more ways than one.

Getting Caught In The Act

9 Photos, 23 min of video | 11/26/2021

Matt notices that Rowan is meeting up with his gay roomate in the bathroom a little too often. Suspicious and curious, Matt peaks through the bathroom door and catches Rowan getting sucked off by their roommate, Alex. Matt decides to join in for a steamy 3 way bathroom session.

The Horny Acrobatics Teacher

46 min of video | 10/29/2021

It's an exciting day for Matt and Rowan, since it is their first acrobatics lesson. Little do they know, their instructor is one of the horniest sex freaks on the face of the earth. As the instructor walks them through some basic maneuvers, he begins to get horny, and a group acrobatics lesson slowly...

Sensual Strip Dance

15 min of video | 10/28/2021

When Matt and Rowan are so busy that they can’t make it to the strip club, they bring the strip club to them. In this hot seductive sequence, a hot gogo dancer gives the 2 straight boys a time to remember.

Sex On A Motorcycle

4 Photos, 17 min of video | 10/25/2021

On one of the last sunny days before winter, Matt decides to skip his scheduled hangout session with his boyfriend Danny, and wash his motorcycle instead. Danny, frustrated, comes outside to nag Matt, until he finally succumbs to Danny’s horninest.

gaboy4 (11/20/2021)
You guys launched on my birthday! what a gift. Matt is the G.O.A.T.