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Matt Luscious

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'11"

Age:  22

Measurements:  6.1"

Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Matt Luscious is a Canadian east coast model who co-founded CreamyBros, and shoots straight scenes as well for WhippedCreamy.

Onlyfans: @creamygorilla

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Bullying A Gym Twink

15 min of video | 04/14/2023

When a new twink shows up at the gym, the alphas need to show him how it works when they come into their territory.

Prank Wars - Part 2

10 min of video | 04/08/2023

The CreamyBros played a selfish prank on Johnny, and Johnny takes shit from no one. He gets Matt back good, and nuts a huge gooey load all over his face while he’s sleeping.

Most Intimate Scene Ever With Matt And Tristan West

9 min of video | 04/03/2023

Matt and Tristan get intimate to a soundtrack by Cigarettes After Sex. This was filmed on Valentine's Day.

Prank Wars - Part 1

19 min of video | 03/27/2023

The CreamyBros got payback on Johnny Bronco after he bullied them at the gym.

Bath Time Buddies

11 min of video | 03/15/2023

Matt and Rowan Get pleasantly pleased by Tristan before a group shower, and Tristan cums all over both of their cocks.

Sex Party

14 min of video | 03/08/2023

Nothing like doing sex acts in the middle of a party! But there was nothing to be worried about because it was a sex party after all!

Arm Wrestle Fun

7 min of video | 03/01/2023

After John teaches Matt how to arm wrestle, they decide to suck eachother. They give each other luscious blowjobs.

3 Straight Alphas Dick Around In The Gym - Part 1

18 min of video | 02/20/2023

Matt was looking and acting like a total beta pussy at his new gym, so 2 alphas show him how things work at the gym

gaboy4 (11/20/2021)
You guys launched on my birthday! what a gift. Matt is the G.O.A.T.