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Kyle Fletcher

Vital Stats:

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Worlds Best Cock Sucker

10 min of video | 03/29/2024

Kyle blows Matt in multiple positions on a fluffy bed while he chills out and enjoys the wet sensation on his goose.

Matt And Kyle Worship Each Others Asses

14 min of video | 03/10/2024

The first video Matt and Kyle filmed after Kyle flew all the way from Cali! They really enjoyed basking in each other's musk!

Wet Boyz

10 min of video | 03/03/2024

2 wet Boyz: one straight and one gay, enjoy each other in the shower.

Pump And Cum

9 min of video | 02/25/2024

Matt’s friend Kyle wanted to massage him with oil while he gets a pump. Kyle was so turned on he couldn't even hold his NUT!