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Aiden Jacobs

Vital Stats:

Height:  5'9"

Age:  28

Measurements:  7"

OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/aidenjacobsxx

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Sexy Gym Boys Worship An Androgenic Meathead

5 Photos, 15 min of video | 11/28/2023

2 Gym bros get distracted from the new piece of meat in the gym, and spoiler alert: they never finished their workout.

Aiden Jacobs And Matt Luscious Share A MASSIVE Goose

10 min of video | 11/10/2023

: 2 Cock suckers is better than 1

Jacked Gym Bro Gets A Massage - Part 2

9 min of video | 02/14/2023

After Matt got his hot massage with a happy ending, it was the masseuse’s boyfriend’s turn to cum. Matt and Aiden Did a great job helping Marcel finish.

Jacked Gym Bro Gets A Massage - Part 1

15 min of video | 02/05/2023

Matt was excited when he met a dude at the gym who has his own massage service that he runs out of his home. Matt was a little shocked when his boyfriend was there also, but it ended up being a great time.

Aiden Jacobs Blows The CreamyBros

6 Photos, 13 min of video | 05/17/2022

What would you do if you were alone in a basement with 2 sexy straight bros? Most likely you would do exactly what Aiden Jacobs did: Worship their big cocks until they cum.

The CreamyBros Blow Aiden Jacobs

5 Photos, 11 min of video | 05/15/2022

Check out the CreamyBros blowjob skills and rate them on a scale of 1 - 10 in the comment section! Remember that: 1) they are straight, and 2) that they have only sucked dick once before.

Aiden Jacob’s Sexy Solo

5 Photos, 13 min of video | 05/08/2022

Watch how Aiden Jacobs feels himself in this sexy solo jerkoff scene.

CreamyBros Casting Couch - Episode # 2: Muscle Dad Daregner Pounds Sexy Blonde

19 min of video | 04/04/2022

What takes place on the CreamyBros Casting Couch is a first for all of our models. Although Aiden Jacobs has never before been fucked by a man as jacked as Darenger, he is very exited to finally experience it.