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Matt Luscious

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Worlds Best Worshipper Part 1

11 min of video | 04/19/2024

After Casey got off the plain, this is the first video Matt and him filmed. This is truly the best worshipper that has ever featured on the site!

Worlds Best Cock Sucker

10 min of video | 03/29/2024

Kyle blows Matt in multiple positions on a fluffy bed while he chills out and enjoys the wet sensation on his goose.

Creamy Bonus #2 - BTS 2

29 min of video | 03/18/2024

Another look from a fly on the wall perspective on how a collaboration scene goes down!

Pump And Cum

9 min of video | 02/25/2024

Matt’s friend Kyle wanted to massage him with oil while he gets a pump. Kyle was so turned on he couldn't even hold his NUT!

Matt Catches Room Mate Smelling Dirty Laundry

15 min of video | 02/01/2024

Matt heard his roommate Casey in the laundry room, and was curious to find him smelling his laundry. Watch this full scene to see what happened to their friendship.