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Diego Silva

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SpiderMan Breaks In To The CreamyBro’s House - Part 2

19 min of video | 01/06/2023

After SpiderMan broke in the first time, the 2 straight bros were cool enough to let him crash at their place until he finds a permanent residence. But believe it or not, there are rules in this house, and Spidey doesn't seem to abide by them. So you know what that means: punishment time.

CreamyBros Massage Parlor - Episode #1

17 min of video | 12/25/2022

Diego Silva was excited to see that the CreamyBros were offering a private massage service. He was expecting just to get a relaxing massage but ended with a euphoric orgasm. It's safe to say that Diego will be a returning customer.

Spider Man Breaks Into The CreamyBro’s House

17 min of video | 12/16/2022

Spider Man couldnt find anything better to do than t sneak into the CreamyBro’s house, but he sure was happy to make it up to them in a sexually pleasurable fashion.

Steamy Shower With Diego Silva - Part 2

22 min of video | 12/09/2022

After Matt sucked off Diego until completion, it was only fair for Diego to Make the 2 straight bros cum as well.

Steamy Shower With Diego Silva

26 min of video | 12/01/2022

After Matt Met Diego in Toronto during a photoshoot, Matt knew he had to have Diego over for some fun. The 3 guys had fun soaping each other up in the shower, and Matt blew Diego until he came. For a first scene, he did a FANTASTIC job.